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Get Rid of that Shower Curtain!

Just look at the bathroom above.  Nicely done, until you notice the shower curtain.  Admittedly, shower curtains are useful.  They keep the spray on you rather than soaking the surroundings.  Often, depending on the tilework and wall coverings, they can match quite nicely.  Even still, these curtains age your bathroom and in that way, devalue your home.  Other options might brighten and lighten up the area, making this room a more pleasant one to visit.

Practical Matters

Speaking of visits, it turns out that we spend quite a bit of time each day doing just that.  According to the Bathroom Habits Survey Research (MaP Toilet Testing) the average American spends 30 minutes a day in the loo.  That’s more than 182 hours a year, and depending on how long one lives, that could equal 1 to 1-½ years, just taking care of business.  Based on that, sprucing up your bathroom is a worthwhile investment.

Back to shower curtains.  Shower curtains come in all sorts of lengths, widths, and textures.  Some use a plastic liner – the “real” shower curtain – with the outside curtain being more of a pretty covering than anything related to keeping water in its place.  People often purchase ornamental specialty hooks to hold up the curtain.  Nonetheless, a shower curtain is still a shower curtain and a remnant of bathrooms from decades ago.

Oddly enough, after all these years, scientists still have not figured out why shower curtains blow inward when the water is on.  So, people still put up with having the liner cling to them if they get too close.  Ironically, we step into the shower to clean ourselves off, and we might be stepping into something dirty.  Shower curtains that have not been properly maintained are breeding grounds for mold, mildew, and bacteria.

Something Better

Get rid of that shower curtain.  Instead, invest in a glass shower panel.  Your bathroom will get an immediate facelift, the glass allowing more light into the shower area.  The glass panel will also showcase the stone, tile, marble, and other wall coverings you have in your shower.  These panels also do a much better job of keeping the water where it’s supposed to be.

Shower panels modernize your bathroom, sprucing up your other bathroom interior design.  Glass is more hygienic, needing only quick maintenance to keep the glass clean.  A fixed panel adds style and functionality to a traditional shower door or an old-fashioned shower curtain.  Your upgraded shower will add a touch of elegance to your bathroom, making the room seem bigger, brighter, and more open.

We’d be glad to help you pitch your shower curtain.  Either come visit our showroom at 3847 N Oracle Road here in Tucson or invite us to your home so we can discuss options and take the necessary measurements. Contact Glassworks of Tucson at (520) 721-7893, and together, we can upgrade your bathroom once and for all.

Oh, and did you know that the average person spends an hour a day in the kitchen?  We’d be glad to show you how a breakfast island or a glass top for your table could make a dramatic difference in that room, too . . .

First things first.  Let’s just take care of the shower curtain.  Call us at (520) 721-7893 to schedule an appointment.  We look forward to working with you!