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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Want a bigger room?  No need to bring in a carpenter’s crew and pay big bucks for a remodeling job.  Just add a mirror!  That’s not the only reason to add mirrors to your walls. Let’s take a look at several ways mirrors enhance a home, so you can reflect on which reason would convince you to add a mirror.  


When one has a somewhat cramped bedroom, a mirror closet door can create the illusion of double the square footage.  Not only does it double the size of the room, but this optical illusion doubles all within its view.  Closet doors are often unsightly, especially after years of use and abuse.  Not only does a mirrored door create a sense of more space, but the doors look modern and aesthetically pleasing.  Also, ironically, the inverse nature of the reflection provides a visual balance to the room itself.


Mirrors reflect light, whether it be from a man-made source or by Mother Nature through a window.  By adding more light to a room, the area seems brighter with more ambiance.  A well-placed mirror can double the light in a room without any additional cost to the monthly electricity bill.  To increase this benefit, a mirror can also include its own source of lighting.  Apparently, the combining of mirrors and light has even inspired songs – Justin Timberlake sings that “the light on a mirror reflecting the light back at me…is the law of reflection.”


Mirrors can be like a piece of artwork.  Not only do we check our own level of beauty in a nearby mirror, but a beautiful mirror speaks for itself.  Mirrors can be framed, detailed, or even painted on.  Decorators have even enhanced an otherwise blank wall with a collection of designer mirrors.  A well-placed mirror can add beauty to an otherwise lonely and unadorned corner of the house or spruce up a bathroom. 

Mirrors aren’t just functional, although it’s handy to have one to double-check one’s appearance.  A well-placed mirror can braid space, light, and decor, enhancing the other qualities of any room in your house.  We can help you add mirrors in any shape or form.  Just call Glassworks of Tucson at (520) 721-7893 or visit their showroom to find out more. Once your mirrored surface has been installed, that room will become the fairest of them all.

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