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Shower Doors Matter

Shower doors can turn bathrooms from hum-drum into spectacular.  Imagine the difference between a faded vinyl shower curtain and this custom radius shower door.  That’s right – fancy shower doors can be made with curved glass.

Custom shower doors aren’t for everyone’s budget, though, but choosing the right one is not just a monetary matter.  Various considerations need to be made in order not only to create the ambience one wants but also to make the best fit for the bathroom area.  Let’s take a look at what a person must consider in order to select the right shower door for a bathroom.

First, Measure Up

Bathrooms come in all shapes and sizes, so one must take a close look at how much space there is and how that space is configured.  For instance, the most common shower enclosure takes up the least amount of space.  If a bathroom is of modest size, one wouldn’t want to select a shower enclosure that swings open, for instance, requiring more space to do so.  On the other hand, those with larger bathrooms often consider installing a walk-in shower.

Second, Keep the Water In

Evaluating the amount of usable area in the bathroom leads one to the next layer of decisions to be made.  Which shower enclosure will work best?  

When space is somewhat limited, the shower has often been built in a confined space.  In this case, a Bi-fold Door works well since the doors are inward-opening.  If there’s more space in the bathroom to create a contemporary focal point, a Sliding Door is an excellent choice for a stylish yet practical look.  A Pivotal Door shower enclosure can also fit into a more modest-sized bathroom, and the large grip handles provide easy access to the shower.  

With more space, one may select a Pentagon shower enclosure that fits neatly into a corner and tucks away the shower in a curved way maximizing space and creativity.  A Walk-in uses standing panels that create a splash-proof haven of light, air, and water.  A Quadrant enclosure also fits into a corner in a classic modern design.

Third, Where Does It Go?

Some bathrooms have more length than width; others are of ample size in both directions.  A trained eye combines the details to determine whether the ideal place for the shower would be in the corner, in the center of a wall, or encased by walls all around.

Shower enclosures come in different shapes and sizes that need to be matched with the positioning of the shower.  Without a major remodeling project, this choice of where the shower should go has already been made when the house was built.  Those in the middle of construction can make those decisions about the bathroom in their new house before the brick-and-mortar sets.   

And Last, Look Through the Glass

Glass comes in a variety of thicknesses.  Most showers use a thinner glass that is cost-effective but still keeps the water off the floor.  Some prefer to use thicker glass since it’s easier to clean and more durable.  Thicker glass, as you might have guessed, is heavier, though, requiring much more support because of its massive weight.  

Custom glass can also add a creative touch to the shower door.  Some glass is frosted for privacy.  Other glass can be etched with designs.  One style of glass appears to have raindrops trapped inside.  What is most important, though, is that the glass is sturdy and dependable.

Shower Doors Matter

Yes, shower doors do matter, and that’s why Glassworks of Tucson will send an expert from our team to your home to answer your questions when you make these decisions. We want every detail of your shower to be well-suited to your bathroom. More than that, though, we want you to be so pleased with the results that taking a shower will not just be a daily routine.