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Seeing is Believing: The Benefits of Glass Shower Doors

Picture it.  The room is a five-star resort’s answer to personal hygiene. The water’s spray is cleansing and soothing.  A ledge displays fancy products all in a row for your convenience.  The area seems so spacious with glass surrounding you.  The shower has become a stellar experience.  Now look closer through the steamed glass door.  You’re not at a resort.  You are at home!

Are you surprised that panels of glass can make such a difference?  They can, and they do!  Other homeowners have discovered that upgrading their bathrooms with glass shower doors makes a difference well beyond their walls. Improvements turn a simple, common shower in the morning into a luxurious spa treatment.  Because of that, few are surprised that such changes to their bathroom increase the value of their house. 

That’s not the only reason that glass shower doors have become all the rage.  Let’s take a look at other benefits.

The Bathroom Seems Bigger

Some showers can make you feel claustrophobic.  You move the shower curtain aside hoping not to get sprayed.  You climb over the side of the tub hoping not to lose your balance.  And, then where are you?  In a narrow space that somehow seems like it’s gotten smaller. 

A glass shower door reverses all of that, playing a trick on your eyes.  The bathroom hasn’t actually gotten any bigger, but it seems like it has.  Seeing is believing.  Glass enlarges the space.

The Area Seems Brighter

Some shower stalls seem dingy and dark.  In order for the floor outside the shower to remain dry, the shower curtain keeps out the natural light.  Even with the bathroom light on, the experience might seem stifling.

A glass shower door does not keep out any natural light.  In fact, through the glass, you can see beyond the shower.  Natural light streams in and opens up the space.  Seeing is believing.  Glass brightens the room.

The Shower Seems Warmer

Nothing worse than that cold blast of air after your toasty 8-minute shower.  Grabbing for the towel is never fast enough to stave off that chill.  And once you’re cold, gone is the warm relaxation of the shower you just took.

Glass shower doors don’t actually increase the temperature in the room, but they do keep the breezy circulating air from its arctic touch when you step out of the water.  The tell-tale steam on the glass gives you a sense of warmth, too.  Seeing is believing.  Glass keeps the draft away.

Let’s face it, when it comes to the basics of home construction, things haven’t changed that much over the years.  Floor plans often show the kitchen next to the dining room with the bedrooms down the hall.  To modernize an older home, many homeowners have learned how much newer the place looks when changes are made to the bathroom. 

Give your home a makeover by starting in the bathroom.  We’d be glad to show you our selection of glass shower doors. Call Glassworks of Tucson now at (520) 721-7893, and we’ll schedule an appointment for you.  Or, you can visit our showroom to find out more. Start your day with a shower at your own resort without paying those five-star daily rates!