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Steam Away Your Worries and Woes

Do you ever have one of those days when things seem to go every which way and you just want to get away from it all?  You can do that without leaving town!  In fact, you won’t even have to leave home.  Here’s how.  You can turn your shower into a bathroom spa and use steam to relax your perspective and spruce up your mood.  Let’s take a look at Steam Shower Enclosures.

What is a Steam Shower Enclosure?

Most showers let steam escape, sometimes out of an open window, or perhaps through an exhaust fan.  You know the results.  You have to wait to see your true reflection in the mirror since the steam has covered it with condensation.  These showers are not completely enclosed.  They may sport a fancy (or not so fancy) shower curtain or be semi-contained with a pony wall, or the glass enclosure stops before it gets to the ceiling.

A steam shower enclosure traps the steam by being contained.  You step in.  You turn on the hot water.  And presto – you get the same benefits of being in the spa at a luxury resort hotel. So what are those benefits?

What’s So Good about Steam?

Not only does hot (not TOO hot!) water just feel good, it actually does magic and miracles to your skin.  With time and the elements, our skin gets clogged and dry.  We have skin pores for every hair on our body – all 5 million of them.  For our skin to look its best, we need to maintain it, cleaning the oil and debris from it.  When pores get clogged, everything gets blocked around the hair follicles with dead skin cells and dirt – and whose skin can look good after all that?  

Warm water makes your skin sweat, ironically enough.  The steam helps to open up your pores so that the trapped grease and grime can swirl down the drain.  In other words, the shower not only provides a quick way for you to relax before or after a long day, but the steam promotes healthy skin.  When you step into a spa shower, the steam actually hydrates your skin, increasing oil production and moisturizing you all over, and is also beneficial for your sinuses.

How Does the Steam Shower Enclosure Work?

This enclosure keeps the steam where you are.  Glass will surround you from floor to ceiling, and so will the steam.  Condensation is wasted on the bathroom mirror, but with a steam shower enclosure, you’ll reap the benefits.  Instead of washing yourself in a typical shower, you’ll find yourself in a spa-like steam room created just for you. 

You can adjust the amount of steam produced by opening or closing the glass transoms, like the one shown in the picture.  By adjusting the transom, you can moderate how much steam stays in the enclosure or escapes.  

You Don’t Need to Leave Home

You don’t need to leave home to have a spa experience in your home right there in your shower.  You also don’t need to leave home to have a steam shower enclosure installed.  Glassworks of Tucson can do this for you. Their expert designers will turn your shower into a five-star resort experience. 

Just call Glassworks of Tucson at (520) 721-7893 or visit their showroom to find out more. Once your steam shower is installed, you can steam away your worries and woes and revitalize your skin and sinuses.  Have the spa experience you deserve!