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Cabinet Glass


Glass cabinets are the perfect pieces of furniture to add a touch of elegance to your home. Here at Glassworks of Tucson, we have glass cabinets in an extensive collection that are gorgeous yet practical pieces of furniture that will fit into any room inside the house or in commercial spaces.

We have a broad range of glass cabinets for you to choose from – freestanding, corner, and wall-mounted. Each type comes in a variety of finishes to match your decor and the surrounding furniture in that room.  Glass cabinets blend in seamlessly with any kind of design scheme, providing a chic, modern look in your home or commercial space. Whether you want a stylish or a traditional style of glass cabinet for displaying items, Glassworks of Tucson has everything you need.

Our glass cabinets come built with a number of different features that suit different purposes, making each item unique. With our high-quality cabinet glass, you’ll be sure to find the right one to fit perfectly in your living space. We have experience in all glass works from designing to installing these beautiful cabinets anywhere in the Tucson area.  

Important Things to Consider

Whether you are looking for a glass cabinet for displaying photos, ornaments, or a few prized possessions, it is always important to determine the purpose of the cabinet.  

Here are some things to consider:
• The proposed location of the glass cabinet
• The number of items that would be on display
• The measurement of the availability of space.  

Styles of Cabinet Glass


Good for all design schemes. As the name implies, transparent glass offers a clear view of the items inside the cabinet. This type of glass can be used in the kitchen, bathroom, or living room. The primary focus would be placed on the items inside. If you want a clean and simple aesthetic look, go for a single flat panel of tempered glass. Choose a tempered style to safely guard it against any breakage. You can either use single flat panels or go with a decorative style to enhance your interior design.  


Frosted glass creates a cool, sleek feel to any space. You can also have frosted glass etched with custom designs to create a one-of-a-kind style. Frosted glass is typically made by sandblasting the clear glass, making it seem more opaque. Although the frosted glass has a translucent quality and a considerably distorted view, there still remains a limited amount of transparency, allowing the shapes and colors to show through the glass. Frosted glass cabinets look great with a stainless-steel design, creating an eye-catching modern look to any kitchen.  


Textured glass is molded or embossed, creating a visual and tactile appeal. It can be pebbled, grooved, ribbed, beveled, or patterned. This popular choice is eye-catching because the processing of the glass creates distinctions in the outlines of the glass, masking smears and streaks well.  


Seeded glass is packed with tiny bubbles, which give it its name. It has a unique quality to it. The hand-crafted design and traditional look make it a natural fit for any area from a classy bathroom to a traditional kitchen. Seeded glass is filled with air bubbles that happen during the manufacturing process. The bubbles can range in size depending on how the glass is made. Overall, the seeded glass cabinets provide a vintage look and work well with a traditional style of interior design.  

Choose Glassworks of Tucson

Glassworks of Tucson offers clear and durable cabinet glass with different textures. We have a huge selection of cabinet glass that will create additional beauty in any space and other areas of your home or office. We will custom-cut your cabinet glass accurately according to the measurements and ship it directly to your location.

Our team has 30 years of experience in manufacturing and designing high-quality glass works for various purposes. Innovation, design, and attention to detail are what we aim for at Glassworks of Tucson,  and these apply to our modern glassworks. All our glass cabinets are designed for any residential and commercial use and can be custom-designed to suit all types of interiors.

We have expert designers to help with material, planning, and concept. To get a free consultation, call us at (520) 721-7893 to talk with one of our experts.

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