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bathroom mirror installed by the team

At Glassworks of Tucson, we have a full line of custom residential and commercial mirrors.  No need to be content with whatever shape and size mirrors the Big Box Stores are selling in town.  We will work with you so that the shape, size, and style of the mirror will match your environment. 

Glassworks of Tucson is well-known in southwestern Arizona for providing happy customers with custom mirrors. Our family-run business has worked for several decades with residents and business owners throughout Tucson and beyond.  Glassworks of Tucson can provide what you want rather than just what you need. By working with you in either your home or your place of business, we can create the perfect mirror for the space you have.

Vanity Mirrors

The bathroom is often one of the easiest places to transform.  This room, although so often used, is most commonly the smallest one in your house.  Mirrors can make the room seem larger and brighter.  The bathroom fixtures dictate where the bathroom vanity and other mirrors are the most useful.  The choices you make to add style and decor to this room can make all the difference.  We can help you with that.

We also can match a custom mirror with the type and style of vanity you have in your bathroom.  Whether your cabinet has one sink or two, whether the style is modern, vintage, or traditional, no matter the color, the installed mirror will be more than a mere accent to your decor.  Often it is the mirror that pulls the room together.

Exercise Mirrors

Thanks to the COVID quarantine, many people now have a gym in their homes.  A sound system, a TV screen, and an exercise mat may be part of the setup, but most of these home gyms include an exercise mirror.  Just like in a commercial gym, people want to see how they are doing by looking at their reflection.  

Whether it’s a dance move or a stretching exercise, those working out can see their progress and how well they are matching their instructor’s pose.  By mounting the mirror on the wall, people can see at a glance that they are on cue. We would be glad to talk with you about the options you have for an exercise mirror.

Dressing & Closet Mirrors

No need to leave the room to see how you look.  We can install a dressing or a closet mirror for you so that it’s right there when you want to see your reflection. 

A closet mirror can help you feel less cramped if a room isn’t big enough. It also helps to magnify the natural light in space from windows through reflection, creating a cheerful and bright atmosphere in your room.

Mirror wardrobes are the current trend these days and provide a range of benefits from aesthetics to practicality and are a value-add to your room decor. Closet mirrors add glamour and openness to any space and interior.  

Wall Mirrors

Mirrors can be like a piece of artwork.  Not only do we check our own level of beauty in a nearby mirror, but a beautiful mirror speaks for itself.  Mirrors can be framed, detailed, or even painted on.  Decorators have even enhanced an otherwise blank wall with a collection of designer mirrors.  

An empty wall adds little to the decor of your house.  By installing a mirror, your room becomes instantly more spacious and bright.  A well-placed mirror can add beauty to an otherwise lonely and unadorned corner of the house.

Commercial Mirrors for Restaurants and Bars

When people are out and about, they often like to check that they are looking their best.   Your customers will appreciate suitable mirrors in your restaurant, bar, or business to make the most of natural light and enhance your space.  Wall mirrors will make your place seem larger and brighter.  Accent mirrors can add to your style and decor.

We have an impressive collection of mirrors in our showroom, or we can visit your establishment and measure the space for a custom mirror.  Either way, we’ll make certain that your customers benefit from the aesthetic and openness that mirrors will bring to your space and business. 


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