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Get Rid of that Shower Curtain!

Just look at the bathroom above.  Nicely done, until you notice the shower curtain.  Admittedly, shower curtains are useful.  They keep the spray on you rather than soaking the surroundings.  Often, depending on the tilework and wall coverings, they can match quite nicely.  Even still, these curtains age your bathroom and in that way, devalue your home.  Other options might brighten and lighten up the area, making this room a more pleasant one to visit.

Practical Matters

Speaking of visits, it turns out that we spend quite a bit of time each day doing just that.  According to the Bathroom Habits Survey Research (MaP Toilet Testing) the average American spends 30 minutes a day in the loo.  That’s more than 182 hours a year, and depending on how long one lives, that could equal 1 to 1-½ years, just taking care of business.  Based on that, sprucing up your bathroom is a worthwhile investment.

Back to shower curtains.  Shower curtains come in all sorts of lengths, widths, and textures.  Some use a plastic liner – the “real” shower curtain – with the outside curtain being more of a pretty covering than anything related to keeping water in its place.  People often purchase ornamental specialty hooks to hold up the curtain.  Nonetheless, a shower curtain is still a shower curtain and a remnant of bathrooms from decades ago.

Oddly enough, after all these years, scientists still have not figured out why shower curtains blow inward when the water is on.  So, people still put up with having the liner cling to them if they get too close.  Ironically, we step into the shower to clean ourselves off, and we might be stepping into something dirty.  Shower curtains that have not been properly maintained are breeding grounds for mold, mildew, and bacteria.

Something Better

Get rid of that shower curtain.  Instead, invest in a glass shower panel.  Your bathroom will get an immediate facelift, the glass allowing more light into the shower area.  The glass panel will also showcase the stone, tile, marble, and other wall coverings you have in your shower.  These panels also do a much better job of keeping the water where it’s supposed to be.

Shower panels modernize your bathroom, sprucing up your other bathroom interior design.  Glass is more hygienic, needing only quick maintenance to keep the glass clean.  A fixed panel adds style and functionality to a traditional shower door or an old-fashioned shower curtain.  Your upgraded shower will add a touch of elegance to your bathroom, making the room seem bigger, brighter, and more open.

We’d be glad to help you pitch your shower curtain.  Either come visit our showroom at 3847 N Oracle Road here in Tucson or invite us to your home so we can discuss options and take the necessary measurements. Contact Glassworks of Tucson at (520) 721-7893, and together, we can upgrade your bathroom once and for all.

Oh, and did you know that the average person spends an hour a day in the kitchen?  We’d be glad to show you how a breakfast island or a glass top for your table could make a dramatic difference in that room, too . . .

First things first.  Let’s just take care of the shower curtain.  Call us at (520) 721-7893 to schedule an appointment.  We look forward to working with you!

Just the Facts, Ma’am

How well do you know your shower and your relationship with it?  Not to worry.  Many people don’t.  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the average American takes an 8-minute shower.  Some may take more or less time, but let’s use this number for our look at the facts.  Eight minutes times seven means that the average Joe spends 56 minutes a week getting sudsy and un-sudsy.  

Longer than 8 minutes at a pop may be too long.  According to a leading dermatologist, anything over 10 minutes is excessive and may cause some skin problems.  For those who struggle with the heartbreak of psoriasis or dry skin in general, too much hot water can literally put a person in hot water with their skin.  Natural oils on the skin keep us looking youthful.  Wash those away, and people may discover that their skin has a more pinched, wrinkled look.

A quick dash under the water flow may cause trouble, too.  In order to get the most out of the soap, we need more time to cleanse our skin, making sure that any normal bacteria and odor take a trip down the drain.  The shower needs enough time to give your skin a glow and your body smell sweet.

Avoid taking a hot-hot shower.  For one thing, you’ll notice a difference in your water bill.  Your hot water heater will be grinding away to make certain that you are parboiling yourself.  Best not to feel the heat when you find out how much you owe the city for that.  

Some recommend taking a cold shower if you’re having a rough time with the details of your life if you know what I mean.  You may think that an Arctic blast would tense up your body, but the colder temps actually help sore muscles relax. One cosmetic surgeon emphasizes that a cold shower in the morning can serve you well.  Apparently, the cold water will get your blood moving around more quickly and speed up muscles that are mad at you for your extreme makeover workout.

So, how often do you shower?  One study found that if you shower only once a week, you’re one of 1% of American shower-takers.  It turns out that half of us take a daily shower, but you know what experts tell us?  A daily shower or a scrub in the tub is really not necessary.  In fact, a daily shower may not even be good for you. You certainly don’t want to interfere with the skin’s protection against bacteria and then introduce dryness, irritation, and breakouts to the mix.

Okay.  What are all these facts leading to?  You’ve got a pretty solid and regular relationship with your shower.  Because of that, you want to make sure that you two are compatible and that you like each other.  If you’ve been together for a long time, you may even want to spruce her up a bit.  One way to do it is to get rid of the shower curtain for good and walk into the world of glass.  

For one thing, a shower housed in glass makes the bathroom look bigger.  It’s a way to showcase the pretty tile on the floor of the stall.  Not only that, but the view is two-way so you can check to see if anything else is going on in what the British call your comfort station.  The glass shower door will keep the water inside much better than any curtain would since it’s attached to the wall and the floor.  

Now that you’ve looked at the facts, go check out your shower.  For an upgrade that involves glass or not, contact Glassworks of Tucson at (520) 721-7893, and we’ll make sure that your shower is soon looking good!

Time to Replace Your Patio Doors?

Patio doors have several important purposes.  Perhaps the most obvious one is to provide a view into your backyard, your garden, or your oasis.  These sliding glass doors are also meant to keep the draft and the moisture out of your house where they both belong.  We want these panels of glass to keep the warmth or the coolness consistent inside, no matter what the temperature may be outside.  As it turns out, your patio doors are an essential feature of your home.  How are yours holding up?  Just for fun, we’ll throw a little math into this discussion so you can rate your own doors.

That View – 25%

Take a minute to look out at your backyard through your patio doors.  Is there a clear view of your patio and the yard beyond? Or is the glass itself scratched and showing age?  Are there hard water or mineral deposits clouding your view?  Worse yet, are there any cracks in the glass?  Also, look around the room near the sliding doors.  Is the glass in place allowing adequate light in this area?  Assess the view inside and out by giving it a score from 1 to 25.

That Draft – 25%

We appreciate a nice, cool breeze when we’re sitting outside on the patio. That same breeze inside the house is not a welcome visitor.  When you walk by your patio doors, can you detect any air seeping in from the outside?  Is there a gap between the glass doors and the door jamb? How does the seal around the glass look?  Any sort of gap will allow a draft and perhaps some pests to enter your home. If there is any draft at all, your patio doors should earn a low score. 

That Moisture – 25%

Just like shower doors, condensation can often display moisture on glass.  We don’t have much humidity here in southern Arizona, but if you see any moisture on the inside of your patio doors, the seal is not doing its job.  If you have double-paned glass, is there moisture trapped between the two layers? Any moisture at all should make this score closer to 1 than to 25.

That Temperature – 25%

How efficient are your patio doors? If they’ve been in place for ten years or more, they probably are not as effective as those that now meet the current standards and ratings.  Check your monthly energy bills. What you are currently paying will give you an idea about the score your doors earn in this category.

Is It Time?

So, total the score.  Out of 100, how did your sliding glass doors do?  If your score is 85 or above, perhaps you don’t need new doors at this point, unless you’d like to modernize the look of the doors themselves.  Less than a score of 85, you might want to give us a call.  

What would be the next steps?  We’d schedule an appointment so that one of our glass professionals would visit your home and discuss the options you have.  We’d take some measurements and provide a quote for you, giving you an estimate of the cost involved.  The doors would be installed, and we’d clean up the surrounding area.  After our work is done, we’ll provide some tips for you about how to take the best care of your new patio doors.

So do the math and see if it’s time to replace your doors.  If it is, give Glassworks of Tucson a call at (520) 721-7893, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Hot or Cold about Double-Paned Windows?

Perhaps you haven’t made a decision yet about double-paned windows.  Talk about hot or cold!  Southern Arizona is an area of extremes – and especially extreme weather.  For example, Tucson temperatures range from a low of 6º in 1913 to a high of 117º in 1990.  There’s not much defense against 111º of difference, but double-paned windows sure can help. Let’s take a look at the reasons why.

What is Double-Paned Glass?

Most windows are made from a single sheet of glass.  Just as it sounds, double-paned windows are two pieces of glass in one frame.  It’s not as simple as all that, though.  When the two pieces are fitted together, there is a spacer that keeps them apart with an invisible, inert gas – either Argon, Xenon, or Krypton – filling that gap.  This gas is an important element, because it creates an invisible, non-toxic, thermal barrier.  Should the gap only be air, the windows would not insulate the house as well.

Most often, Argon is the gas used for the insulation between the two sheets of glass.  This colorless, odorless gas is denser than the air trapped between the glass, providing thermal insulation.  In order to keep the windows cooler and closer to the temperature inside your house, a special low emissivity (Low-E) coating on the glass helps. 

What are the Benefits of Installing Double-Paned Glass?

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, the kind of windows you have definitely have an impact on reducing the cost of energy for your home.  For instance, heat gain and loss through your windows affect up to half of the efficiency of your home’s heating and cooling.  Considering that we generally have 100 days of 100-degree weather in the Sonoran Desert, the savings for improving the window design of your home can be significant.  

Double-paned glass has another benefit that most consumers do not realize.  Noise reduction.  The ambient noise from outside your residence, such as traffic, rain, or noisy neighbors, will not be heard as loudly as when the windows are made of a single sheet.  

What about the Cost?

The initial investment of the replacement of single-paned windows with double-paned ones is significantly higher.  On the other hand, the long-term benefits of the installation of double-paned windows make it worthwhile.  Energy Star windows can save you hundreds of dollars annually on your energy bill.  In fact, statistics show that this investment will pay for itself within several years.  

When the glass is coated on one side of the dual-pane window, the surface of the glass can absorb or reflect radiant energy.  During the winter, heat loss is greatly reduced when the windows are Low-E and Gas Filled.  This glass can keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

What’s the Next Step?

Should you need to replace your window glass, contact us at Glassworks of Tucson.  We’d be glad to explain why it’s well worth it to consider double-paned glass.  This type of window will act as a barrier against the extremes of temperature throughout the year.  Remember, too, that these windows will reduce the ambient noise heard from outside your home.  

Single-paned glass can actually add to the cost of your annual energy bill, so it’s prudent to invest in the quality and the efficiency of new dual-paned windows.  Give us a call at (520) 721-7893 to book an appointment or visit our Showroom at 3847 N Oracle Road in Tucson. We look forward to seeing you!

Is Glass All Created Equal? Options for Your Shower

No, not all glass is created equal. So, when you decide to upgrade your bathroom and install glass around your shower, you’ve got some more decisions to make.  One of them involves the type of glass you’d like.  In a nutshell, you have four options for your bathroom shower:  clear glass, frosted and opaque glass, tinted glass, and textured glass.  So, let’s take a look at each of these and focus on the appearance and the appeal of each. 

Clear Glass

It’s just the right glass for those who want to be able to see clearly who’s taking the shower and who’s not.  Clear glass gives a crisp, clean look.  The glass used has a slight green tint to it that is hard to notice.  This choice makes the shower look larger since you can see right through to the outside wall.  The light from an overhead or a window adds brightness to the bathroom.  This classic selection of glass has global appeal.  That’s right – clear glass is the most popular choice for showers around the world, even though it is a bit challenging to keep it spot-free.

Frosted and Opaque Glass

Maybe you’d rather have more privacy.  After all, most folks take showers in the buff.  Frosted glass provides that.  This type of glass is etched by manufacturers with sandblasting or acid on only one side, giving it that translucent quality.  When you’ve got a large bathroom, an opaque door gives one the sense that your shower is another room tucked away, cozy and sauna-like.  Cleaning the smooth surface is easy-peasy, and the frosted side doesn’t display fingerprints and smudges like clear glass does.  Excellent choice for some privacy, but cleaning the frosted side can be challenging since the surface is not flat and even.

Tinted Glass

Now here’s where you can make some cool color choices.  Glass can be tinted with a number of hues.  Let’s say your bathroom theme is oceanic, decorated with beach scenes and underwater views of sea turtles and colorful fish.  Your shower glass can be tinted blue.  Tints can range from light to dark with green, blue, black, brown, or gray hues.  Darker tints provide more privacy, but they also block some of the light.  One drawback, though, is if you decide to change your bathroom’s theme, the tint may not be the right match.

Textured Glass

Here’s another way to spruce up your shower.  Add glass that has a pattern to it, like raindrops or bubbles, or other geometric shapes. Or perhaps you’d like the swirls of clear and opaque glass shown in the photograph above.  The design will influence the opacity of your glass, so it depends on how much light and privacy you’d like to have.  Some glass will have the design on just one side, so that’s another choice you can make.

Speaking of Choices . . .

We’d be glad to show you our selection of glass shower doors so that you can see for yourself that not all glass is the same. Call Glassworks of Tucson now at (520) 721-7893, and we’ll schedule an appointment for you.  Or, you can visit our showroom to find out more. Once you’ve decided upon the appearance and the appeal of the glass for your shower, we will be well on our way to transforming your bathroom.

Seeing is Believing: The Benefits of Glass Shower Doors

Picture it.  The room is a five-star resort’s answer to personal hygiene. The water’s spray is cleansing and soothing.  A ledge displays fancy products all in a row for your convenience.  The area seems so spacious with glass surrounding you.  The shower has become a stellar experience.  Now look closer through the steamed glass door.  You’re not at a resort.  You are at home!

Are you surprised that panels of glass can make such a difference?  They can, and they do!  Other homeowners have discovered that upgrading their bathrooms with glass shower doors makes a difference well beyond their walls. Improvements turn a simple, common shower in the morning into a luxurious spa treatment.  Because of that, few are surprised that such changes to their bathroom increase the value of their house. 

That’s not the only reason that glass shower doors have become all the rage.  Let’s take a look at other benefits.

The Bathroom Seems Bigger

Some showers can make you feel claustrophobic.  You move the shower curtain aside hoping not to get sprayed.  You climb over the side of the tub hoping not to lose your balance.  And, then where are you?  In a narrow space that somehow seems like it’s gotten smaller. 

A glass shower door reverses all of that, playing a trick on your eyes.  The bathroom hasn’t actually gotten any bigger, but it seems like it has.  Seeing is believing.  Glass enlarges the space.

The Area Seems Brighter

Some shower stalls seem dingy and dark.  In order for the floor outside the shower to remain dry, the shower curtain keeps out the natural light.  Even with the bathroom light on, the experience might seem stifling.

A glass shower door does not keep out any natural light.  In fact, through the glass, you can see beyond the shower.  Natural light streams in and opens up the space.  Seeing is believing.  Glass brightens the room.

The Shower Seems Warmer

Nothing worse than that cold blast of air after your toasty 8-minute shower.  Grabbing for the towel is never fast enough to stave off that chill.  And once you’re cold, gone is the warm relaxation of the shower you just took.

Glass shower doors don’t actually increase the temperature in the room, but they do keep the breezy circulating air from its arctic touch when you step out of the water.  The tell-tale steam on the glass gives you a sense of warmth, too.  Seeing is believing.  Glass keeps the draft away.

Let’s face it, when it comes to the basics of home construction, things haven’t changed that much over the years.  Floor plans often show the kitchen next to the dining room with the bedrooms down the hall.  To modernize an older home, many homeowners have learned how much newer the place looks when changes are made to the bathroom. 

Give your home a makeover by starting in the bathroom.  We’d be glad to show you our selection of glass shower doors. Call Glassworks of Tucson now at (520) 721-7893, and we’ll schedule an appointment for you.  Or, you can visit our showroom to find out more. Start your day with a shower at your own resort without paying those five-star daily rates!

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Want a bigger room?  No need to bring in a carpenter’s crew and pay big bucks for a remodeling job.  Just add a mirror!  That’s not the only reason to add mirrors to your walls. Let’s take a look at several ways mirrors enhance a home, so you can reflect on which reason would convince you to add a mirror.  


When one has a somewhat cramped bedroom, a mirror closet door can create the illusion of double the square footage.  Not only does it double the size of the room, but this optical illusion doubles all within its view.  Closet doors are often unsightly, especially after years of use and abuse.  Not only does a mirrored door create a sense of more space, but the doors look modern and aesthetically pleasing.  Also, ironically, the inverse nature of the reflection provides a visual balance to the room itself.


Mirrors reflect light, whether it be from a man-made source or by Mother Nature through a window.  By adding more light to a room, the area seems brighter with more ambiance.  A well-placed mirror can double the light in a room without any additional cost to the monthly electricity bill.  To increase this benefit, a mirror can also include its own source of lighting.  Apparently, the combining of mirrors and light has even inspired songs – Justin Timberlake sings that “the light on a mirror reflecting the light back at me…is the law of reflection.”


Mirrors can be like a piece of artwork.  Not only do we check our own level of beauty in a nearby mirror, but a beautiful mirror speaks for itself.  Mirrors can be framed, detailed, or even painted on.  Decorators have even enhanced an otherwise blank wall with a collection of designer mirrors.  A well-placed mirror can add beauty to an otherwise lonely and unadorned corner of the house or spruce up a bathroom. 

Mirrors aren’t just functional, although it’s handy to have one to double-check one’s appearance.  A well-placed mirror can braid space, light, and decor, enhancing the other qualities of any room in your house.  We can help you add mirrors in any shape or form.  Just call Glassworks of Tucson at (520) 721-7893 or visit their showroom to find out more. Once your mirrored surface has been installed, that room will become the fairest of them all.

Steam Away Your Worries and Woes

Do you ever have one of those days when things seem to go every which way and you just want to get away from it all?  You can do that without leaving town!  In fact, you won’t even have to leave home.  Here’s how.  You can turn your shower into a bathroom spa and use steam to relax your perspective and spruce up your mood.  Let’s take a look at Steam Shower Enclosures.

What is a Steam Shower Enclosure?

Most showers let steam escape, sometimes out of an open window, or perhaps through an exhaust fan.  You know the results.  You have to wait to see your true reflection in the mirror since the steam has covered it with condensation.  These showers are not completely enclosed.  They may sport a fancy (or not so fancy) shower curtain or be semi-contained with a pony wall, or the glass enclosure stops before it gets to the ceiling.

A steam shower enclosure traps the steam by being contained.  You step in.  You turn on the hot water.  And presto – you get the same benefits of being in the spa at a luxury resort hotel. So what are those benefits?

What’s So Good about Steam?

Not only does hot (not TOO hot!) water just feel good, it actually does magic and miracles to your skin.  With time and the elements, our skin gets clogged and dry.  We have skin pores for every hair on our body – all 5 million of them.  For our skin to look its best, we need to maintain it, cleaning the oil and debris from it.  When pores get clogged, everything gets blocked around the hair follicles with dead skin cells and dirt – and whose skin can look good after all that?  

Warm water makes your skin sweat, ironically enough.  The steam helps to open up your pores so that the trapped grease and grime can swirl down the drain.  In other words, the shower not only provides a quick way for you to relax before or after a long day, but the steam promotes healthy skin.  When you step into a spa shower, the steam actually hydrates your skin, increasing oil production and moisturizing you all over, and is also beneficial for your sinuses.

How Does the Steam Shower Enclosure Work?

This enclosure keeps the steam where you are.  Glass will surround you from floor to ceiling, and so will the steam.  Condensation is wasted on the bathroom mirror, but with a steam shower enclosure, you’ll reap the benefits.  Instead of washing yourself in a typical shower, you’ll find yourself in a spa-like steam room created just for you. 

You can adjust the amount of steam produced by opening or closing the glass transoms, like the one shown in the picture.  By adjusting the transom, you can moderate how much steam stays in the enclosure or escapes.  

You Don’t Need to Leave Home

You don’t need to leave home to have a spa experience in your home right there in your shower.  You also don’t need to leave home to have a steam shower enclosure installed.  Glassworks of Tucson can do this for you. Their expert designers will turn your shower into a five-star resort experience. 

Just call Glassworks of Tucson at (520) 721-7893 or visit their showroom to find out more. Once your steam shower is installed, you can steam away your worries and woes and revitalize your skin and sinuses.  Have the spa experience you deserve!

Add Design to Your Bathroom: Consider a Pony Wall

A pony wall can open an otherwise enclosed area, adding both a decorative and a functional design. Let’s face it. Many bathrooms are constructed in such a tight and compact area, that they can bring on a stifling sense of claustrophobia. Installing a pony wall can transform a tight spot, making it airy and open. This simple design can boost the surrounding decor, creating a much more pleasant environment.

So what is a pony wall anyway? Even though it’s also been called a knee wall or a half wall, there really is a pony in this story. Back in the 1800s, a farmer named Walter Clydell decided he needed a change in his barn. He had trouble seeing his horses with the tall-walled stalls. (Say that fast for fun!) He designed shorter walls, and he was happy with the results. His design idea spread throughout his community in Nebraska. Rumor has it that horses were happier with their expanded view since they could see the horses in the other stalls. Your bathroom would shrink in size if you added a pony, but not if you added a pony wall. Let’s take a look at why installing a shorter wall might be an ideal way to revitalize your bathroom.

Separates the Functional Areas

As you well know, bathrooms have specific functional areas. Mansions may have separate areas with doors in-between for those individual functions – using the john, washing the hands, and washing the body. Those of us in smaller houses, however, often have only one room with no dividing lines. If you are sharing the facility with another person, it can seem quite cramped. Ironically, a pony wall can give you a sense of more space. The room is opened up when the shower curtain or the tall glass wall is removed.

Opens the Layout of the Bathroom

The bathroom remains the same. You haven’t added any square footage. The ceilings haven’t become higher. Even so, the layout seems to be changed. By dividing the room, it somehow seems more open. How? It’s been divided horizontally and not vertically. The pony wall creates a barrier, but not one that reaches the ceiling. The shower and the rest of the bathroom are connected but separated. Because of that, the remodeled bathroom has an open look and feel to it. Depending on the materials used in construction, the pony wall can offer the same amount of privacy as before. Only a fool would request a glass that includes magnification!

Adds Storage Space

If you are like many, you’ll take full advantage of an empty surface. A pony wall could become the place where shampoo, conditioner, and Dr. Teal’s shower soap is stashed. Perhaps preferring decor over function, the surface of the wall may become a shelf for flowers and plants. The humidity from the shower would certainly help them thrive. Or maybe you like to hear the symphony when you suds up. With a nearby outlet, you could plug in your Bose radio and set the dial for KUAT, our local classical station. Or, if your sense of home decor approaches a minimalistic style, you could leave the surface empty with nothing on it.

A pony wall adds dimension to your home’s comfort station. By upgrading your bathroom, it becomes a pleasure to enter the room for whatever your reason may be. The design of the short wall offers a privacy separation and with your choice of glass or tile for the wall itself, the room becomes a sight for sore eyes.

Glassworks of Tucson can help you make this happen. Their expert designers know how to improve the look and function of your bathroom. Just call them at (520) 721-7893 or visit their showroom to find out more. Add a pony next to your stall – no, add a pony wall!

Shower Doors Matter

Shower doors can turn bathrooms from hum-drum into spectacular.  Imagine the difference between a faded vinyl shower curtain and this custom radius shower door.  That’s right – fancy shower doors can be made with curved glass.

Custom shower doors aren’t for everyone’s budget, though, but choosing the right one is not just a monetary matter.  Various considerations need to be made in order not only to create the ambience one wants but also to make the best fit for the bathroom area.  Let’s take a look at what a person must consider in order to select the right shower door for a bathroom.

First, Measure Up

Bathrooms come in all shapes and sizes, so one must take a close look at how much space there is and how that space is configured.  For instance, the most common shower enclosure takes up the least amount of space.  If a bathroom is of modest size, one wouldn’t want to select a shower enclosure that swings open, for instance, requiring more space to do so.  On the other hand, those with larger bathrooms often consider installing a walk-in shower.

Second, Keep the Water In

Evaluating the amount of usable area in the bathroom leads one to the next layer of decisions to be made.  Which shower enclosure will work best?  

When space is somewhat limited, the shower has often been built in a confined space.  In this case, a Bi-fold Door works well since the doors are inward-opening.  If there’s more space in the bathroom to create a contemporary focal point, a Sliding Door is an excellent choice for a stylish yet practical look.  A Pivotal Door shower enclosure can also fit into a more modest-sized bathroom, and the large grip handles provide easy access to the shower.  

With more space, one may select a Pentagon shower enclosure that fits neatly into a corner and tucks away the shower in a curved way maximizing space and creativity.  A Walk-in uses standing panels that create a splash-proof haven of light, air, and water.  A Quadrant enclosure also fits into a corner in a classic modern design.

Third, Where Does It Go?

Some bathrooms have more length than width; others are of ample size in both directions.  A trained eye combines the details to determine whether the ideal place for the shower would be in the corner, in the center of a wall, or encased by walls all around.

Shower enclosures come in different shapes and sizes that need to be matched with the positioning of the shower.  Without a major remodeling project, this choice of where the shower should go has already been made when the house was built.  Those in the middle of construction can make those decisions about the bathroom in their new house before the brick-and-mortar sets.   

And Last, Look Through the Glass

Glass comes in a variety of thicknesses.  Most showers use a thinner glass that is cost-effective but still keeps the water off the floor.  Some prefer to use thicker glass since it’s easier to clean and more durable.  Thicker glass, as you might have guessed, is heavier, though, requiring much more support because of its massive weight.  

Custom glass can also add a creative touch to the shower door.  Some glass is frosted for privacy.  Other glass can be etched with designs.  One style of glass appears to have raindrops trapped inside.  What is most important, though, is that the glass is sturdy and dependable.

Shower Doors Matter

Yes, shower doors do matter, and that’s why Glassworks of Tucson will send an expert from our team to your home to answer your questions when you make these decisions. We want every detail of your shower to be well-suited to your bathroom. More than that, though, we want you to be so pleased with the results that taking a shower will not just be a daily routine.